The Industrial Heritage of Desborough.

On these pages you will find a copy of my dissertation on the Industrial Heritage of Desborough, and two essays based on my dissertation which separates  the Desborough Industrial and Provident Co-operative Society from the other industry that was based in Desborough, of course the Co-operative Society could not have existed without the other. Indeed without the practices and actions of part of Desborough's Industrial Heritage there may well not have been a Co-operative Society. 

2013 was the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Desborough Co-operative Society. Desborough Heritage Centre has exhibitions at the Heritage Centre to celebrate the occasion. Their publication, the Desborough Scrapbook, has articles relating to the Society. The January and February 2013 editions included my article on Co-operation in Desborough. I am proud and privileged to be associated, in a small way, with the celebrations. 

Watch this space for more articles and information to come on the Industrial Heritage of North Northamptonshire.     

The Dissertation. 


Capitalist and Co-operative Ideology in Small Town Industry: A Case Study of Desborough.

It tells the  story of Desborough's Industrial Heritage from the mid-eighteenth century to 1914, within the sociological context of the Industrial Revolution and industrial and population growth.  (15000 words approx)

In Praise of my Dissertation. 

' This is a well researched paper' 'This essay was very nearly a Merit pass' (Open University Marker).

' We would be happy to have copies of the Dissertation and articles to include in the National Co-operative Archive's collections.' (Co-operative College, Manchester).

There are two essays based on my dissertation.

1. Small Town Industry. 

This tells the story of Desborough's Industry from its late development within the context of  the Industrial Revolution concentrating on the non-Co-operative industry and trade.  (4500 words approx).


 2. Co-operation. 

Tells the story of the Desborough Industrial and Provident Co-operative Society from its  inception in 1863 through to 1914, when it was at the height of its industrial and commercial success. (5800 words approx).  

 Both essays have been widely published.